GDPR Academy Data Protection event


This is the most comprehens GDPR course.
Organizers: The National Innovation Center LLP Cybersecurity Competence Center, Kazakhstan Information Security Association (KAIB) together with the International Academy of Modern Professional Education (Russia) with the support and participation of the International University of Information Technologies (Kazakhstan), as well as the international Eurasian certification body International Register of Quality (IRQ).

This course will allow your company to develop and implement a clear plan of action to meet the new requirements for the handling of personal data of the European Union. Students will receive practical knowledge from the primary source - the European Academy for GDPR.

Who should visit?

  • Project managers or consultants seeking to prepare and support the organization in planning, implementing and supporting a GDPR-based compliance program
  • DPO and senior managers responsible for the protection of personal data of the enterprise and its risk management Team members of information security, incident management and business continuity
  • Personal Data Security Experts Technical and compliance experts seeking to prepare for the role of data protection officer

Participation in this course will allow you to pass the exam and become a certified specialist and an expert on GDPR, in demand around the world. This is a unique course that saves millions.

About GDPR: On August 02, 2020, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force, which significantly tightens the requirements for working with personal data and makes compliance only with Kazakhstan legislation in the field of personal data protection insufficient. The provisions of this Regulation are cross-border. The EU extends its effect to organizations providing services, goods or services to consumers of the European Union. It doesn’t matter where the company is registered - in the EU or abroad, including in Kazakhstan. If your company falls into the above categories and does not meet the GDPR requirements, you have a risk of losing this business. Moreover, the penalty for non-compliance with GDPR requirements will reach 20 million euros or 4% of the company's global turnover.

The target audience: - Heads, specialists, employees of legal departments and services of companies selling goods and services to consumers in the EU, or monitoring personal data of EU residents; - Managers responsible for the protection of personal data and risk management; - Specialists in IT and information security, incident management, risk management, etc .; - Technical experts, experts in the field of personal data security; - Responsible for the protection of personal data; - All who wish to master the EU GDPR;

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