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DPO Certification

EU GDPR Academy Methodology
  • Holistic approach: Legal + IT + change management
  • Based on real business scenarios, discussion cases and practical experiences
  • provide tools, templates and other giveaways
  • Quality learning and networking time
Day 1
GDPR Academy List
  • Introduction to privacy and data protection
  • The "GDPR Academy List": practicalities, steps and tips for setting and implementing the GDPR project governance
  • GDPR legal basics: cases and examples, principles, penalties, responsibilities of data processor and controller, privacy by design and default
  • Privacy program: risk-based approach, design and build, privacy in HR, marketing, IT, legal and procurement departments
  • Transfers of personal data: to third countries, third parties and the cloud, binding corporate rules, standard contractual clauses; bid data and analytics, options and solutions
  • Standard privacy controls: good practices, avoiding sources of risks, protecting information assets, encrypting and anonymising, reducing soft and hardware vulnerabilities, evaluating privacy solutions and tools
  • Privacy control accountability framework
Day 2
GDPR in Practice
  • Codes of conduct and certification mechanisms
  • Data privacy audits and monitoring: e-discovery, data audits, activity tracking
  • Privacy awareness training: examples of initiatives
  • Data subjects’ rights in practice: dealing with requests and complaints
  • Incidence response: contingency plan for a data breach: responding to investigations
  • Scenario based-case for a data breach
Day 3
The Data Protection Officer
  • Role, functions, skillsets, requirements, tasks, position, resources
  • Designation of the Data Protection Officer: mandated and voluntary DPO's, independence, conflicts of interests, liability, etc.
  • Relationship with the board, IT, HR and other departments: communication

Demonstrate compliance with the GDPR (article by article)
  • Detailed list of standard documents and examples to prove GDRP compliance, including for certifications

Third day of the course, an On-line certification is conducted (optional)
  • Exam 50 questions (multiple choice)